The 2020 Jeep Gladiator: The Latest Jeep Pickup Truck

We don't have official photos to share.

We don't have videos to screen.

We don't even have official confirmation from the Jeep brand that an all-new Jeep pickup truck will be coming to the Horsham, PA area anytime soon--much less within the next year or two.

But what we do have are some spy shots circulating all across the web, and a lot of hope.

We haven't seen a Jeep pickup truck since Chrysler killed the Comanche back in the early 90s. Could the Scrambler kick-start a new generation of rock-crawling, off-roading Jeep trucks?


Rumors of the Wrangler/Scrambler Pickup Truck

We've been hearing rumors of a Jeep Wrangler pickup variant--or Wrangler-esque variant--since early 2016, with heavy camouflage making an appearance since the summer of that year. We're still seeing camo and spy shots popping up, but it's starting to feel a little more real.

Whether it'll be the Jeep Wrangler truck, the Jeep Wrangler Scrambler, or just the Jeep Scrambler is up for debate--we won't know anything for sure until Jeep confirms even the existence of a truck.

Based on spy shots alone, it's built a lot like a classic Jeep Wrangler, with a big square face, four doors, and the hint of a seven-slot grille. In the back, though, a truck bed stretches back over the rear wheels. It's a different look for a Jeep--but it looks good.

We're excited to see what happens going forward. Could Pennsylvania see a Jeep pickup truck by 2020?


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