Has your current commercial van or truck begun to show its many miles? The constant comings and goings while motoring through the Horsham, PA area eventually take their toll on our vehicles. Whether you've noticed the engine ignition light illuminates with a bit too much frequency for comfort, or you're simply looking to enhance the appearance of your business while on the move; we're sure the Ram ProMaster Cargo Van can improve your daily driving needs.

Utility Features and Durable Performance

The Ram ProMaster Cargo Van features the advanced 3.6-liter Pentaster V6 engine. Powerful, yet efficient on both the highway and through the city, the powertrain makes a smart 280 horsepower and 260 pound-feet of torque. This is paired with a six-speed automatic transmission which makes for pleasant driving and seamless shifting through the Horsham, PA area.

There's no need to worry about overloading this commercial van. The model boasts a 4,680-pound payload limit along with a 5,100-pound towing capacity. That's more than enough muscle to transport your contracting equipment. What's more, is the Ram ProMaster Cargo Van has been designed to stay on the roads for as long as possible. For instance, the model boasts a 10,000 mile oil interval change period!

Cargo capacity; it's ultimately a deciding factor as you choose your new commercial van. Four wheelbases are available, each of which features distinct cargo lengths with the largest Extended Wheelbase model showcasing a cargo length of 160.2 inches, width of 75.6 inches, and height of 77.1 inches. How does that translate to your carpentry, plumbing, and electrical contracting needs? There's more than enough room for your gear, supplies, and room to spare in the back to deliver a practical space for your business cargo that's also comfortable and spacious. No more crouching and scrambling over loose gear to look for a specific piece of equipment!

Reach out through the phone at (877) 591-2469 to schedule a test drive in the Ram ProMaster Cargo Van!

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