Winter is closing in on us quickly, but don't worry! We have a few tips to help you winterize your vehicle, and our service team is here to help with your winter service needs. So, if you're ready to take winter head-on, here are a seven tips for winterizing your vehicle:

1.) Winter Tires

Winter tires are more flexible in cold weather, and they have deeper wider tread patterns. These traits make them ideal in winter because they provide better traction on slippery roads. Don't leave them on in spring, though. They're soft, and they'll wear out quickly in warmer weather.

2.) Tire Pressure

Plummeting temperatures can cause your tire pressure to plummet, too. Be sure to check your tires periodically to make sure they have the right air pressure levels per your owner's manual.

3.) Washer Fluid

You'd be surprised at how quickly a winter storm can deplete your washer fluid reserves. You need plenty of washer fluid formulated for winter to keep your windshield clear.

4.) Winter Wipers

Did you know that you can get windshield wipers that are made to keep ice from collecting on the blades? They're ideal for winter driving. Just be sure to take them off in spring to avoid overworking the wiper motor.

5.) Battery Service

Extreme temperatures can turn a weak battery into a dead one, which is inconvenient at best and dangerous at worst if you get stranded in the cold. We can check your battery and replace it if necessary.

6.) Fuel Tank

Keep your fuel tank at least half full. Doing so can help prevent your gas lines from freezing up and leaving you stuck.

7.) Pack a Winter Emergency Kit

Make sure you always have items like a first-aid kit, flashlight, batteries, ice scraper, jumper cables, warm clothing, and other handy cold-weather items to help you out of a tough spot if your car breaks down.

These are a few of our top tips. Give us a call for a service appointment today if your car needs winter service and be safe out there!

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