Leasing Return Information

Lease Return Process

Chapman Ford Jeep Dodge Ram 
Is Prepared To Facilitate your Lease Return

Regardless of where you leased your vehicle, Chapman Ford Jeep Dodge Ram is here to assist you with your lease return. You are not required to return your vehicle to the dealer that leased it to you initially. Our will gladly facilitate your lease return and answer all of the confusing questions that inevitably come up when returning your vehicle such as: can  I turn my lease in early? What are my mileage requirements? What are my purchase options? Are there excess wear and tear charges?  

As you near the end of your lease, Chapman Ford Jeep Dodge Ram thanks you for your business. We hope you've enjoyed your leasing experience and we've helped ease your lease termination process. At Chapman Ford Jeep Dodge Ram, our leasing specialists understand that turning in your vehicle should be as easy as possible. In an effort to keep you fully informed, we've added some of your end-of- lease options.

End-of-Lease Options
When your current lease expires, you have several choices:

You may turn in your vehicle, pay any final charges and lease or purchase another vehicle.

you may arrange for an extension of your lease (directly with Chrysler Financial)

You may pay off your vehicle or finance the predetermined purchase amount to keep the vehicle

You  may turn in your vehicle, pay any final charges and be on your way.

Or  you may choose to take advantage of either Ford's or Chrysler's lease conquest for greater savings.

Before you turn in your vehicle, you may want to consider having a pre-inspection performed to determine, in advance if your vehicle may incur additional expenses (forewarned is forearmed). Our leasing specialists at Chapman Ford Jeep Dodge Ram would gladly perform a pre inspection at no cost to you. You are not responsible for "normal wear and tear," these things differ from dealer to dealer but may include minor dings, scratches or lightly soiled upholstery, you may be responsible for "excess wear and tear" this may include things  more serious and apparent body damage torn upholstery, or missing parts. 

If you believe your vehicle merits more significant repairs, you are always welcome to make an appointment to have your vehicle evaluated at our dealership. Repairs must be completed prior to turn-in to avoid any additional charges. Some repairs could be covered under warranty or insurance, which can result in significant savings. We also have a full-service body shop that can repair any damage to your vehicle.

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